Notice - Drilling of Well KA63

Notice - Drilling of Well KA63

8 June 2022


Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets Limited have engaged MB Century to undertake the drilling of a Geothermal Production Well KA63 on our site located at 15 Manukorihi Drive in Kawerau.

The drilling project is scheduled for a period of approximately 2 ½ months which is inclusive of mobilisation of plant and equipment to and from the site.  Upon commencement of drilling, the operation will be carried out 24 hours a day until completion.

While we do not anticipate any disruption to surrounding business activities, we have prepared the following table to provide you with an approximate schedule of project works and the potential impact those works may have on neighbouring businesses.

Our intended drilling works which is scheduled to commence Monday June 27th.




Potential Impact


  13th June to   27th June

 Rig Move –   Mobilisation   of equipment   to site

 Increased traffic   movements along   Manukorihi Drive – Up   to 20 loads delivered to   site daily

  • Traffic Management plan will be in place
  • Rig move to be undertaken during hours of daylight only

 27th June to   8th  August   (periodically)

 Drilling   operations

 Increased traffic   movements along   Manukorihi Drive –   delivery vehicles and   workers to and from the   site

  • Site traffic management plan in place for deliveries
  • Dedicated parking areas to prevent traffic parking along public road

 27th June to   8th  August   (periodically)

 Cementing   operations

 Increased noise levels   during cementing   operations

  • Sound walls erected around cementing unit (lowering noise levels from 126 dba to 66 dba Leq at 350m)

 8th August to   18th August

 Rig Move –   demobilisation   of equipment   from site

 Increased traffic   movements along   Manukorihi Drive – Up   to 20 loads removed     from site daily

  • Traffic Management plan will be in place
  • Rig move to be undertaken during hours of daylight only 

 13th June to   18th August

 All drilling   activities

 Public interest in   project works –   unauthorised site   access

  • Security in place 24/7 during rig move and drilling operations

As with any construction project, a comprehensive emergency response plan has been developed which documents procedures for all foreseeable emergencies associated with the drilling works.  The procedures are known to all workers and are regularly trialled to ensure they remain effective.  In the highly unlikely event of any operational emergency, NTGAL shall ensure sufficient communication with all neighbouring businesses.

Should you experience any business disruption, or have any queries, please contact:

Will Clements
NTGAL Drilling Project Manager