Geothermal Power Assessments for Science Students

Geothermal Power Assessments for Science Students

4 March 2019

Tarawera High School Science Students

to complete Geothermal Power Assessments

Science students from Tarawera High School visited the Parimahana Office Complex and TOPP1 Power Plant to facilitate the completion of their Geothermal Power Assessments.

The title of the Achievement Standard was “To investigate a socio-scientific issue in an Earth and Space Science Context” and the resource chosen to investigate was Renewable Energy – Geothermal Plants. The students were required to investigate the use of Geothermal as a renewable resource and therefore visit a geothermal power plant to look at geothermal power generators as a method of generating electricity. Their report had to include scientific information on the issue, the impact on individuals and society and a response from both the student and a special interest group.

Members of the Geothermal Team described the process of how geothermal steam is produced underground, the necessary components required to make that happen and why this process occurs specifically in Kawerau. The students learnt about the difference between Geothermal and Clean steam, steam supply to our customers, how power is generated at TOPP1, and were also informed of the necessary training and educational requirements for anyone wanting to work as a Geothermal Technician. They were also made aware of many other supporting trades and professions working within the industry, and in particular Kawerau.

A site tour to TOPP1 Power Plant and KA35 completed the visit.

Above: Well KA35

Above: Separator Plant 19

Above and Below: TOPP1 Power Plant